NO COMPROMIZE is a commercial, digital art museum and fashion house. It exists as a platform to share influences and ideas in a format made to mimic the flow of a physical art exhibit. Everything about NO COMPROMIZE revolves around the idea of being self-taught; a community of artists learning, creating, and thriving despite their lack of resources and mentors. We hope for this platform to one day be a pool of creative knowledge to serve the artists with an appetite to learn the influence of another artist's path.

Selfish as it may sound, No Compromize is fundamentally my passion project. It is the culmination of a lifelong inability to wholly devote myself to a single, consistent purpose. Alike my personal and professional stints working in kitchens, my years with street and freelance photography, odd jobs with graphic design and publishing, my film writing, studying and cataloguing obsession, and my most recent music collecting and producing infatuation, my entire life thus far has been directed by massive 2-3 year long dives into deep, but diverging rivers.

Once sucked downstream, my manic and destructive tendencies would align all my time, hours, money, and energy down a single path. Sometimes this means watching an entire director filmographies in single sittings; and using every spare moment the next day cataloguing, reading, and studying any relevant video essays, reviews, and scholarly articles I can find online. This could mean spending all night curating 4-6 albums, and taking them on 20+ kilometer walks to keep myself focused; leaving myself exhausted for the six 14-16 hour work days that would complete the week and reset the cycle.

I used to believe this inability to vertically integrate and 'stick' to a single art form would only leave me constantly basking in my own non success. In reality, I now realize its the panoramic perspectives I've made along the way that guide my enduring drive to study and appreciate foreign media. No Compromize is the brainchild that lets me communicate further interests in life, and hopefully a place for others to share theirs.

Delfin-Joseph Vaquilar

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